Our Story

Our story is what makes us who we are. Found out what makes Prize Realty and Rentals LLC Chicago’s best real estate agency.

Located in the Chicago, Illinois area, we are the experts to go to for the Chicago real estate market. We have an extensive network of real estate agents and brokers managed by the company, a wide range of experience is at your service to accommodate your needs. We place importance on the efficiency of property transactions. We understand the urgency to rent, lease, or sell to avoid accumulating costs. Our goal however is to work in a timely fashion without the compromise of the quality of the services we offer. This is the Prize Realty way!

Do you wish to find your new dream home? We at Prize Realty and Rentals LLC are here to help. We are up to date with the latest developments in the market. Our company engages in working alongside the multiple listing service (MLS). This service allows you to access more properties than you would normally. This unique form of real estate organization is an efficient way to cooperate with other brokers, a system that benefits everyone. You get more information if you want to buy, and you get more property exposure if you want to sell.

Chicago and Prize Realty and Rentals LLC

Together they are the keys to your Realty Success. Speak With An Agent

Additionally, we are utilizing various up to date media and marketing outlets for your benefit. We pre-qualify all prospective clients prior to the sale to guarantee sellers are not wasting time on a unqualified buyer. No additional charges are demanded during the process of buying or renting a property. We provide access to sites that report your credit score when needed. Prize Realty Rentals LLC has benefits for everyone, whether you are selling, renting, buying, or even working as ar eal estate agent by ensuring all members of a transaction are satisfied. We commit to professional standards which guarantee the persons we represent success.